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Best Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Hobart

We provide affordable bathroom renovations at a high level of quality. We offer 360-degree solutions for any renovation you need, from low cost to luxury fittings and fixtures.

You spend a good chunk of time every day in your bathroom so it’s important to make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Home buyers will be checking out this space first before they move on, and there are many reasons for getting an upgrade: whether as a fix or replacement after years have gone by, because doing so opens up possibilities on how we use our homes in general. There are many reasons for remodeling the bathroom–so what motivates each one? Here is some motivation behind upgrades and why now might be the perfect opportunity:

We’re your one-stop-shop for all of life’s most inconvenient moments. With our wide range of products and services, we can help with everything from a new laundry to an en suite renovation. So if you need anything done when it comes time for that dreaded chore in the bathroom, Hobart Bathroom Renovation is here!

We at Hobart Bathroom Renovations are experts in every aspect of this industry – remodelling jobs big or small! Whether you just want us to do some minor repairs around the house or complete a full overhaul on your master bath (or both!), we have what it takes to get any job done right… guaranteed. Call us at (03) 6152 6136 or request a FREE quote to get us started!

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Why Work With Us?

We understand that renovating your bathroom can be time-consuming and expensive, but we're here to help! Our team has been in the business for over 10 years so they know what it takes. You'll get a cost-effective renovation from us while still getting an amazing space you love without breaking the bank.


Our builders and bathroom renovation professionals have undergone rigorous training to ensure the best results for our customers. We are proud of their success in becoming one of your area’s top construction companies, where they offer a wide range of services like new home building, commercial remodeling projects and more!


All the work we deliver is guaranteed to be high-quality, long lasting and cost effective. We pride ourselves in our commitment to uphold high standards. Our clients tell us that they are happy with their new windows so it’s worth mentioning that this project was a success!


We have built a reputation for delivering outstanding results that satisfy our customers, no matter how big or small the job is. Trust us to take care of your next project and you will be glad we did!


Our team of bathroom specialists has all the skills you need to create your dream bath. From toilet installation and shower design, we have a wide range of services for any needs in this area.

bespoke bathrooms

The bathroom is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. You can create that space for yourself by renovating your current one to accommodate the needs you want fulfilled in it. Even if you are short on money, there are ways to still make your dream renovation happen with creativity! 

en suite

Regardless of your budget, if you are looking for a bathroom en suite renovation company that will work with any time frame and is committed to making sure the end result meets all standards in both design and quality then look no further than our team. We can help transform inadequate spaces into something spacious enough for anyone’s tastes!

bathroom tiling

When you need professional installation, repair or replacement of your tiles in Hobart homes then our experts are the team for you. From natural stone to ceramic and porcelain we have extensive experience with all types of tiles so be sure to contact us today!

Bespoke Bathroom Renovations and En Suite Remodelling in Hobart

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Bathroom Renovations Hobart Process

We will take your thoughts and dreams, turn them into a reality by designing the perfect bathroom for you.

We want to make the process a lot easier for you with our designer. We will send him or her over so that they can answer your questions and show you how we work up close and personal at home, in person.

After only seven days, we’ll provide you with a detailed quotation. Once it’s accepted and signed off by both parties then the project can be set in motion for everyone involved to benefit from!

We’ll work side-by-side with you to design your most beautiful bathroom yet. With our expertise in plumbing fittings and paint, we can help find just the right colour for every space!

The specialists at this company will turn your home into a safe haven for you to explore different ways of renovating. They may demolish the old space and let radiant excitement fill it up with new things! Our experts know how much potential renovation has in store, so they’re ready to take on anything that comes their way through demolition or construction preparation.

We have the best contractors in town! From plumbing fixtures to wall finishing, we can do it all. We’re so confident that we only use tradesmen with licenses and years of experience behind them like our amazing team from Hobart Bathroom Renovations.

Our team of experts will install a waterproofing membrane that is guaranteed to make your bathroom watertight. You’ll be able to shower and bathe with peace of mind knowing you have the best protection for any leakage incidents.

Our professional fitters will help you make your bathroom the cleanest it has ever been. All finishing touches are guaranteed to be done with precision and all of their hard work is rewarded by seeing that sparkle in a customer’s eye when they see how well our team works together!

Some Kind Words From Our Clients

Main Bathroom Renovations in Hobart

Our team of experts can help you transform your bathroom into a showering sanctuary.

Bathroom renovations are the best way to bring your bathroom into a new era with more style and functionality. With quality workmanship, Bathrooms Renovations Hobart will renovate bathrooms for you in all styles or budgets! We do tile shower repairs as well and flooring so don’t hesitate to contact us today if this is what you need!

We are here to transform your bathroom into something you love! We offer a range of services, including tiling and fixing showers. Our team can also install flooring so that every aspect is transformed for an enjoyable experience. The design of the bathroom could be as simple or extravagant as you want – it’s up to you whether we go with bold colours like pink in the shower curtain and towels, or if going neutral suits more your fancy (like green). You don’t need to go far for the best bathroom renovations. Whether you’re looking for flooring, tile work, or even a new shower head there’s no one better than our team of professionals at Hobart Bathroom renovation who can help get your space back into showroom condition!

The main bathrooms are the most widely used spaces in any home; hence they should always be maintained so that their appearance is enhanced. You don’t have to look very hard because we offer all types of renovation services such tiling, repairs for showers/bathtubs and anything else from plumbing issues upholstery cleaning etc.

team of experts can help you transform your bathroom into a showering sanctuary
Bathroom Renovations Hobart Process
renovating your bathroom can be time-consuming and expensive

Bathroom Renos That Are Top Value For Your Money

We offer a competitive price and ensure that you get an amazing bathroom experience. Our clients love our bathrooms – it’s the best in town! Whether for your home or business, we can do both big jobs as well as small ones: Bathroom Renovations Hobart is all about delivering quality service to people who want nothing less than perfection. We’ve got more than just great rates in Hobart; we also have unbeatable customer service with excellent workmanship too! We’re flexible enough to handle any size job from minor repairs around the house up to full-scale renovations of commercial properties.

Our Best Guarantee

Bathroom Renovations Hobart has been designing and renovating bathrooms for more than 15 years. We understand that only the best products should be used in creating a truly luxurious bathroom, which is why we use top-quality materials from leading brands to ensure every customer receives nothing but five-star service without having to worry about expensive prices. Our team of experienced designers are available all day, every day so you can call us any time with your design ideas!

Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

Choosing to renovate your bathroom is a big decision. Whether you decide on an aesthetic overhaul or structural change-ups, there’s quite the project ahead of you as it requires some consideration and planning for design style, materials used in construction such as tiles and sinks etc., plumbing configuration like showers/sinks which will require more time and effort than most other projects because things don’t just magically work themselves out without intervention from professionals so be sure to have them take care of any foreseeable issues before they become major problems down the road.

A well-designed bathroom is necessary for a healthy, clean living. A good home need not have an ugly design of the toilet and bathtub but should also incorporate modern day amenities such as shower systems that are designed to suit your needs while providing relaxation at the same time.
A professional in this field will always be able to provide you with what’s best suited for your budget so there isn’t any frustration about it later on down the line when things start going overbudget or taking much more than anticipated.

Continuous Improvement of Process

Your bathroom is a reflection of your personality which we understand. That’s why, here at Bathroom Renovation Hobart, our aim has always been to offer the most comprehensive services in order for you do not to have any worries about anything related to bathrooms! With years and experience under our belt with crafting top quality products as well as securing long-lasting relationships; there’s no need to fret or worry over what will happen with your walls when they start cracking from wear and tear because naturally, that doesn’t matter anymore because now it’ll be so easy breezy!

We are not like other contractors. We will be there with you from start to finish and ensure 100% customer satisfaction! You don’t even have to put in any work because we’re going to do it all for you!

affordable bathroom renovations at a high level of quality
Best Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Hobart
white theme bathroom design

En Suites in Hobart

We're going to install a luxury en suite that will make you feel like royalty.

Does your en suite bathroom need improvements and upgrades? You might be considering renovating your bathroom to improve and modernise your home. Here at Hobart Bathroom Renovations, our bathroom services are world-class paired with quality customer support. Renovating your en suite bathroom costs time and money. Hiring experienced professionals will make sure that you’re not putting anything to waste. Over the years, our team has been designing and building quality bathrooms. 

Most homeowners are confused about the difference between a standard family bathroom and an en suite bathroom. First of all, en suite bathrooms are connected or adjoined to a bedroom. It’s more private and is designed according to our preferences and needs. En suite bathrooms are convenient, elegant, and trendy.   

Bathroom Renovations Hobart specializes in helping homeowners realize their bathroom-related dreams. Whether you have a small or large space, Hobart Bathroom Renovations can help make your bathroom look and function perfect for its intended use – from improving countertops and fixtures to adding windows if needed so that you feel comfortable during any time of day. Our designers will walk through each step with as they create an environment where everything’s at reach yet not overcrowded; our goal is nothing short but perfection!

You’ll be in good hands when you entrust us with renovating your en suite! Our team is committed to creating an ensue that fits both your personal style and budget. We use top-quality products from reputable suppliers as well as hi-tech equipment, all at very competitive prices.


Most frequent questions and answers

Bathroom remodels are a popular way to upgrade the look of your bathroom, but where you live and how big or small it is can affect what’s possible. On average Australians will spend an estimated $15-40K for their new space (not including tiles).

A well-designed bathroom is a major selling point for any home. The modern buyer wants the most up-to-date of everything, and if they find out you have an outdated bathroom in your house, it will be hard to close that sale! It’s important not only from a design perspective but also because buyers want their new investment property as functional as possible so updating these parts before the listing can go one long way towards getting more offers on your home.

A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 27 days depending on how many weekends are included in the time frame. Even if you’re only able to allocate a few hours each weekend, it’s still possible for your renovation project be completed within this timeframe.

If you’re looking to save money on your bathroom remodel, there are plenty of ways to go about it. One way is by refurbishing old materials for the project. Wooden planks can be torn down and reused as vinyl flooring or paint could be used on an already-built wall instead of drywall installation with a fresh coat of paint!

How you start out on your bathroom remodel is up to personal preference. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, then the first step would be shopping around for supplies and materials that are either DIY friendly or will need professional help in order to install. You should take time when doing so by searching high quality items at good prices because any investment early on could save money later down the line if it turns into something that requires professional installation like cabinetry from American Cabinet Company which can make perfect sense of what may otherwise feel like an overwhelming project with their wide variety of styles available as well as pre-fabricated kits already stocked with everything needed its under construction such! Working with your trusted contractor is a great way to make sure the details of your next bathroom remodel are taken care of. We’ll take you from sourcing materials all the way through until project completion, making it easier for contractors and homeowners alike!

The flooring of your bathroom is an important aspect to take into account. Slip-resistant tiles can prevent accidents and injuries that come with a high level of traffic, so these are recommended for heavily used areas like the bathroom or entranceway. One option among many when it comes to tile selection includes cork tiles which have a natural look as well as being highly durable against water damage; they also offer good thermal insulation from warm floors during winter months.

The shower system is usually the part of your bathroom that will need more renovation cost. This is because it requires plumbing work and tile installation. It’s also one of the most used features in a toilet, so you should get creative with how to design this space for maximum comfort!

The post on renovations might feel overwhelming at first glance, but stay tuned – we’ll be talking about different parts of buildings in future posts as well!

It’s your bathroom. Your dream space for you and those closest to you, while still accommodating the needs of everyone in your household from time-to-time. We want our designers to work with you as much as possible during this process because we know how uncertain or disconnected it can feel when someone else is doing all the planning on their own without any input from us—no matter how perfect they think what they have planned will be! Imagine coming into one of our stores knowing that everything was already thought out before even setting foot here… not a chance! Our team works closely with every customer right up until installation day where we personally install each piece exactly according to plan (within reason).